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New Roof Replacement in Prairie Village and Leawood, Kansas, and Belton, Missouri

Bringing 17+ years of experience to your home or business!

Great Quality Roofing LLC delivers the best in quality, durability, and customer service!

When you need a new roof, it's important to find the right roofing company. We are locally-owned, delivering excellent customer service, fair pricing, and unmatched quality. We aim to earn your referrals and that happens with quality hard work. It’s that simple. Cutting corners is not an option during our roof installations and we stand behind our work 100%. Our business has been successful all these years and that’s because we treat your home or business as our own and we intend to keep it that way!

Knowing when it’s time to replace your roof

With proper maintenance, your roof can reach its life expectancy without experiencing a roof failure. That’s good news! Let’s continue to stay ahead of things before your roof’s age DOES present a problem. Consider a new roof replacement if you see any of the following;

  • Shingles that are visibly curled or cupped
  • Asphalt granules missing or collecting in your gutters
  • A roof looks visibly worn or old
  • Surrounding neighbors with homes built around the same time are getting new roofs
  • Algae or moss growing on your roof and hasn’t been cleaned in years
New black asphalt shingle roof on tan house

5 Advantages you’ll certainly enjoy with a new roof replacement!

Increases your home’s resale value and ROI is significant - a new roof replacement is one home upgrade where your money is well spent and return on investment (ROI) is significant.
Protects your home for peace of mind - after our expert installation, you can rest assured you won’t be thinking about a new roof for a very long time. Premium asphalt shingles today offer warranties as long as 50 years!
Boosts curb appeal! -This reason is perhaps the best reason of all! You get to enjoy a beautiful new roof day after day.
Storm-related? Insurance may cover the costs - If hail or wind has caused damage to your roof, we can help you get through this! We offer insurance claim assistance on storm damage repair.
Energy Savings - Some asphalt shingles have an ENERGY STAR rating based on the ability to reflect solar heat and reduce cooling costs. That saves you money!

Call for your free roof inspection!

Great Quality Roofing LLC serves Prairie Village, Leawood, and Overland Park, Kansas, along with Belton, Raymore, Peculiar, and Harrisonville, Missouri. You can reach us at 816-916-4619. If we don’t answer right away, we’re likely on a roof, leave us a message!

Experience excellence when you choose Great Quality Roofing LLC

As a homeowner or business owner in the Midwest, you know how important a strong watertight roof is. And with frequent hail and snowstorms, maintaining the integrity of your roof is key. Our locally-owned company has been in business going on two decades and brings with it a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Our service area

  • Belton, MO

  • Raymore, MO

  • Peculiar, MO

  • Harrisonville, MO

  • Prairie Village, KS

  • Leawood, KS

  • Westwood, KS

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